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PapaNicholas is committed to putting the FUN back into FUNdraising! We’ve listened to the challenges facing many organizations, we’ve listened to the consumer, and we’ve put together a program that works. 

Here’s what we’ve learned:
1)      Too many of the programs that “work” from the consumer standpoint don’t generate an acceptable profit for the fundraising organization.
2)   Too many consumers feel compelled to purchase something they know they will never use.
3)   Too many items were deemed by consumers to be inferior in quality.
4) If consumers were given the choice of purchasing the fundraising item, or donating the net profit margin, most would prefer to donate the cash and receive nothing.

Here’s what we’ve done:
1)      Developed a full turn-key program that provides a 45% profit margin, so for every $10 in generated sales, the organization keeps $4.50.
2)      Developed a program with items that households use every day . . . Coffee, Tea and Cocoa, and all items are of exceptional quality and have a long shelf life.
3)      Added some fun by incorporating a customizable imprint on one coffee item that can highlight the organization and thank the consumer for their support. View some of our customized bags.
4)      Developed a customizable template to allow organizations of all sizes to participate. View a sample order form.
5)      Created Easy Math – your group sells $10,000, your group gets $4,500!
6)      Provided Exceptional Quality Products that will not disappoint! Give us a call to get started at 1-888-PAPANIK (1-888-727-2645).

Most Americans (65%) drink morning coffee, however, now half (54%) are making their own coffee at home instead of buying single-serve coffee in order to save money. People with no children make their coffee at home by a margin of 2 to 1 over those with children. The older (45+) make coffee at home to save money the most, particularly those over 65, as well as households with income less than $30,000 (58%).
Statistics from General Growth Properties, Inc., National Survey Network, June 2008, Consumer Cutbacks in Today's Soft Economy, pg. 5.


Call us to find out more about our FUNdraising program at 1-888-PAPANIK (1-888-727-2645).
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