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Company Information

Q: Where does PapaNicholas Coffee get its name?

PapaNicholas Coffee is named for its founder, Nicholas A. Papanicholas. Nicholas, better known as Nick, was in the coffee business for more than 50 years. He began working for Aroma Coffee Co., a company that his father, Angelo, started in 1915. In 1983, Nick left Aroma Coffee in pursuit of his own dream, his own company.

Q: Is the face on the front of the bag really Nicholas A. Papanicholas?

Of course it is. Nick’s smiling face has graced the front of the PapaNicholas Coffee packages since our inception in 1984.

Q: What is Napco, Inc.?

Our corporate name which are Nick's initials, Nicholas A. Papanicholas Coffee Company.

Q: What are "Papa Points"?

“Papa Points” is a PapaNicholas promotion program that encourages coffee drinkers to collect UPC codes from PapaNicholas’ packages of coffee and exchange them in return for coffee merchandise. Simply cut out and save the UPC scan bar area that contains the “Papa Points” information on each bag. With PapaNicholas Coffee and “Papa Points” you can equip your own in-home café. Some of the items available include, coffee brewers, grinders and mugs, and of!

Q: Is the PapaNicholas Coffee Company publicly traded?

No, we have remained a privately-held, family-owned business since we opened our doors in 1984.

Q: Is it true Papanicholas family members still oversee the business?

When Nick started the PapaNicholas Coffee Company in 1984, there was a very small group who assisted him, made up almost exclusively of family members.  While the business has grown over the years, additional resources were required and Nick brought in people with a passion for the coffee business, most of whom were friends and family.  Today, there are family members involved in all aspects of the business, including quality assurance, purchasing and procurement, production, sales and executive management.

Q: Does PapaNicholas Coffee have an outlet store?

Not at this time.

Q: Where is the PapaNicholas Coffee Company located?

Our offices are located at 1141 N. Raddant Road, Batavia, Illinois 60510.

Q: When was PapaNicholas Coffee Company founded?

Our company was founded in 1984 by Nicholas A. Papanicholas.

Q: I have questions/comments about PapaNicholas Coffee. How do I contact the company?

Our contact information is located on the side of all of our coffee packages. You can also obtain our contact information from the “Contact Us” section of our website at Drop us a line anytime, we love to hear from our fans!

About Our Coffee

Q: PapaNicholas Coffee is not sold in my area. How can I purchase some?

In an effort to save you the hassle of driving from state to state searching for our coffee, we’ve made it easy for you to order PapaNicholas Coffee on our website. Log on to and choose from all your favorite varieties.

Q: Is PapaNicholas Coffee sold in different sizes?

PapaNicholas premium ground and whole bean coffees are sold in a range of sizes from 1.75 oz. trial size to 2 lb. varieties.

Q: How many varieties of coffee does PapaNicholas make?

Currently, PapaNicholas distributes more than 50 varieties of premium whole bean and ground coffees, including light, medium and dark roasts and specialty flavors, in regular and Swiss Water Processed decaffeinated.

Q: What is PapaNicholas’s best-selling blend?

Since our inception in 1984, Hawaiian Islands Blend has remained PapaNicholas’s best-selling coffee!

Q: Does PapaNicholas make any decaffeinated varieties of coffee?

Yes, PapaNicholas proudly offers five decaffeinated coffees in Cinnamon Hazelnut, Colombian, French Roast, French Vanilla and Hazelnut and all of our decaffeinated coffees are currently Swiss Water Processed.

Q: Is all the coffee roasting done directly in the Batavia, IL plant?

Yes. Every single coffee bean that we produce is roasted to perfection at our Batavia, IL-based plant on a roast-to-order basis. This means that the PapaNicholas Coffee you find on store shelves is always fresh and full of flavor.

Q: Where does PapaNicholas Coffee Company get the beans used in its coffee?

We are constantly in search of only the finest quality beans on the market. We only buy beans from the finest regions including Africa, Central America, Indonesia, Pacific and South America.

Q: Does PapaNicholas grow its own coffee beans?

No, we do not grow our own coffee beans. We research and purchase coffee beans from locations such as Colombia, Indonesia and Kenya in search of only the finest and purest coffee beans available in the marketplace.

Q: When did PapaNicholas introduce premium ground coffee?

PapaNicholas premium ground coffee was introduced in October 2001.

Q: Why did PapaNicholas introduce premium ground coffee?

Premium ground coffee was introduced in October 2001 to give coffee drinkers the opportunity to experience the great flavors of PapaNicholas’ whole bean coffees in the new and convenient ground form.

Q: How many varieties of premium ground coffee are there?

Currently, PapaNicholas premium ground coffee is available in over twenty varieties:

  • Amaretto
  • Breakfast Blend
  • Cafe Del Sol
  • Cafe Nitro
  • Cinnamon Bun
  • Cinnamon Hazelnut
  • Colombian Supremo
  • Costa Rican Tarrazu
  • Decaffeinated French Roast
  • Decaffeinated Hazelnut Creme
  • Family Reserve Black and Tan
  • Family Reserve Kona Baru
  • 5-Star Restaurant Blend
  • French Caramel Creme
  • French Roast
  • French Vanilla
  • Hawaiian Islands Blend
  • Hazelnut Creme
  • Italian Espresso
  • Special House Blend
  • Toasted Southern Pecan
  • Vanilla Nut Creme.

Coffee Preparation and Storage

Q: Is it better to keep my coffee in bean form and grind it before consumption, or is it better to buy coffee in the ground form and keep it in a sealed container?

Both options will provide you with fresh PapaNicholas Coffee. However, for optimal flavor and aroma we recommend using freshly ground coffee that is brewed immediately. after grinding.

Q: Where is the best buy date located on the bag?

The best buy date is located on the side of our bag just below the UPC barcode.

Q: Can you re-seal the bag?

Yes, our bag is very easy to re-seal. All you have to do is simply roll down the top of the bag and fold in the tin-tie ends. This will help preserve your PapaNicholas Coffee and allow you to enjoy the freshness of your coffee each time you use it.

Q: Why is there a circular cutout in the front of the bag?

The circular cutout on the front of the bag allows consumers to experience the enticing aroma of our freshly roasted beans right in the grocery store.

Q: Will the cutout cause all the air from the package to escape and cause the beans to lose their freshness?

This small cut out is attached to the one way valve we use to allow the beans to gas off.

About Our Beans

Q: Does PapaNicholas use Fair Trade Certified coffees?

The Fair Trade issue is relatively complex, in that many parties are involved, and there continue to be many differing perspectives as to the organization's value throughout the entire supply chain. The PapaNicholas Coffee perspective is as follows. First, the average price that we pay for our coffee is well above the prescribed “fair trade” price. Second, we have developed very strict standards related to quality control and testing for the green coffee that we purchase. Subscribing to Fair Trade would potentially limit our ability to secure the finest coffees from around the world, by restricting our purchases to Fair Trade authorized growers. Lastly, we believe strongly in a solid economic model of supply and demand. Over the past year, our average price per pound has increased because the supply of quality (as defined by PapaNicholas) green coffee is tightening. However, there is a large supply of inferior quality coffee on the market, which is priced at very low levels.

Our mission as a company is for everyone to enjoy a great cup of coffee at a great price. Fair Trade Certified coffees are potentially an obstacle to this mission, because these coffees could force us to compromise on quality. There are also additional costs that eventually get passed on, which would prevent our organization from fulfilling its value commitment to the consumer.

Q: Which type of beans does PapaNicholas purchase?

New Crop Arabica's.

Q: What are your coffee flavors made from?

Natural or artificial flavorings.

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