Our Expertise


PapaNicholas understands the variables which dictate great taste. Climate, altitude and soil conditions are all critical factors which vary in premium coffee growing regions. Our family has over one hundred years of experience in selecting, roasting and blending coffees from different origins to arrive at a variety of complex taste profiles.


Light Roast vs. Dark Roast?

The roast style is a key factor in bringing out the true essence of a specialty coffee. At PapaNicholas Coffee we use a traditional five-tiered scale to indicate roast type:

  • American Roast
  • Full City Roast
  • Viennese Roast
  • French Roast
  • Italian/Espresso Roast

Typically, a lighter roasted coffee will have a smoother and sweeter flavor throughout the entire tasting experience. As the coffee roast gets darker, an experienced palate will pick-up a strong/"fruity" note early, with a smooth finish. Please note that these are general references and that the origin of the coffee bean will also dictate specific taste profiles.


Early on, family members discovered the benefits of combining coffees from different origins to deliver more complex taste profiles that were rich and full-bodied, much like how the vintners combine complimentary grapes. The family understood the taste characteristics associated with different coffees from different origins. While some coffees might contain superior fruity essence, they sometimes lack body, or mouth feel, that translates into richness. So for over one hundred years the family has experimented with different combinations, taking that fruity coffee, and combining it with a coffee that delivers great body, to develop a superior cup.

One of our favorites has to be PapaNicholas Family Reserve Black & Tan Blend. The flavors really "pop" on this coffee with a good level of dark roasted acidity, complimented by an ultra smooth body and excellent cup complexity and finish. A note to some of you "newbies" to PapaNicholas, we ALWAYS roast single origin coffee separately. Then, we use our "Blend after Roast (BAR)" system to combine the coffees so that each individual component of the blend is maximized. Many of our competitors do their blending when the coffee goes into the roaster, which we believe is a recipe for mediocre blends.

Packing and Distribution

PapaNicholas has always, and I mean ALWAYS, had freshness as it's #1 priority. From the point of origin, we are continually seeking ways to enhance freshness every step of the way. As a result, we have implemented specific strategies to achieve our high standards.

Temperature-Controlled Storage - We take care to store our green coffee supplies in a temperature-controlled underground storage facility to maximize the freshness equation.

Roast-to-Order Processing - We use a roast-to-order system in processing orders which allows us to move the freshest possible product through the system which delivers you the GREAT FRESH COFFEE!

Fast-Pack System - This is our exclusive process that we have implemented which minimizes the time from the roaster to the package.

Packaging - We are continually evaluating the freshness and environmental friendliness of our packaging. We encourage all our customers to reuse and recycle.



We work hard to process your order promptly and ensure that it ships within 48 hours of receipt. PapaNicholas Coffee partners with UPS and USPS to ensure your orders are delivered in a timely and professional manner. If you need your coffee fast, UPS can get it there. We charge our customers only the amount that UPS/USPS charges us for shipping. We also accommodate shipping to APO addresses, upon request.