Storing Your Coffee

Let Papa clarify that this refers to storage of your coffee beans, not storage of brewed coffee. Papa cannot stress enough the importance of serving your premium coffee promptly after brewing for maximum flavor and aroma.


Papa recommends storing your coffee beans in a dry, airtight container to keep it as fresh as the day it was roasted. Although, ground coffee will stay fresh in the resealable bag for approximately one week. Whole bean coffee will stay fresh in the resealable bag for about one month as long as the bag is resealed with excess air pushed out between uses. 

The Elements: Oxygen, Light, Heat & Moisture

elementsOxygen is a staling agent. That's why we nitrogen-flush all of our packages just prior to filling so that no outside atmosphere is present in the bag. This helps ensure that every bag of PapaNicholas Coffee you purchase is freshlyroasted3FRESH COFFEE! PapaNicholas has always been meticulous about freshness. For many years our logo featuring Nick was round and simply stated "Freshly Roasted" . We're sure there were many consumers who thought "Freshly Roasted" was the brand name, because of its prominence on the bag. Also in those early years, the brand featured a window on the package so that consumers could see the fine quality of the whole bean coffee they were purchasing. It was a great visual shot for the consumer, but as we learned, not so great for delivering the freshest coffee. Yes, light can also be a staling agent, so as we evolved to new packaging, we removed the window. Heat and moisture can also contribute to a decrease in freshness. So the bottom line is to store your coffee in a cool, dry place with little to no exposure to oxygen.


While there are many options on where you should store your coffee, Papa recommends storing your coffee in a
cool, dry place such as: a cabinet or pantry and in a sealed/airtight container.  Please DO NOT PLACE COFFEE IN THE REFRIGERATOR OR FREEZER as it will stale the coffee.


I thought the refrigerator/freezer was a good place?

It is always interesting to learn that many consumers are perplexed by the question of coffee storage. Perhaps it is, because we always tell the consumer to store coffee in a "cool, dry place" and in a sealed/airtight ceramic or stainless steel container. (You can use your Papa.Points to get one!) When consumers hear "cool", they must immediately think of the refrigerator. Instead of cool, we should maybe say "room temperature", because "dry" or low humidity is MORE critical to coffee freshness than cool. So, don't use the refrigerator, there is too much moisture. For ultimate freshness, keep your PapaNicholas Coffee away from oxygen, light, heat and moisture!