Enjoy Your Coffee…It’s Actually Good For You!


The Most loved bean on earth

Coffee, Joe, Java. Whatever you want to call it, coffee has been one of the most popular drinks in American history. It’s sometimes easy to forget that our favorite beverage is extremely popular all over the world and many other countries have their own way of serving up the perfect cup.

Grab your passport and let’s take a trip to see how coffee is consumed in several countries that have had a great influence on the little brown bean. By the way, just where does the best coffee come from? Hopefully our journey may reveal the answer.

History of Coffee in France

The history of coffee in France is very rich. The drink was first brought to Paris in 1669 by a court ambassador to King Louis XIV. Coffee in those early days was described as a magical beverage as it was commonly mixed with sugar, cloves and seeds. Today most French people enjoy a strong blend served in a tiny cup. You can drink it plain or with milk. Contrary to popular belief, French roast and French vanilla coffee is not from France. The name does however reference the fact that French roast tends to describe beans that have been roasted very darkly, producing a strong flavor.   

History of Coffee in Italy 

Italians are known for beautiful works of art, fast cars and of course coffee. Italy’s gift to the coffee drinking world was espresso. This Italian delight is known the world over as being strong and full bodied. You can drink it straight black or with milk. You can even add a spirit such as brandy or sambuca to it if the mood strikes.    

History of Coffee in Africa

The continent of Africa is world famous for its robust coffees. In fact coffee is thought to have originally come from Ethiopia. Today, over 10% of the world’s coffee supply comes from various African nations.  The people of Africa truly enjoy their full bodied, rich coffee.

History of Coffee in Colombia

If you like coffee, then you love Colombian Supremo. Many have called it the world’s best coffee and it has the highest grade of any coffee from the region.   The beans are grown a rich climate and have a mellow, smooth and mild taste. Colombian Supremo beans make up only a small percentage of the area’s coffee harvest. The people of Columbia enjoy coffee at all times of the day. Friends and family gather to drink it together.

Coffee has had an amazing journey throughout the world. The history of coffee in France goes back over 300 years and it remains a staple of French society today. Americans drink millions of gallons of French roast daily, every sip inspired by the strong flavor that French people have enjoyed for years. The Italian Espresso continues to be one of the most popular drinks in the world. Let us never forget that coffee originated in Africa and the continent still provides a notable amount of the world’s supply. So where does the best coffee come from? There is probably no single answer to this age-old question. It truly depends on one’s preference for flavor and blend. There is one thing for sure – Coffee will always be the go to beverage for lasting enjoyment.