I so love Papa Nicholas Cinnamon Hazelnut coffee that when I moved to Virginia from Illinois - where I fell in love with this coffee - I had to start ordering direct. I never have found another Cinnamon Hazelnut coffee with the rich, consistent flavor that Papa Nicholas coffee has. I'm grateful to be able to continue to order it now that I live in Michigan. It is a nice, medium roast with consistent flavor bag to bag. I have been drinking this coffee for about 15 years and am never disappointed. Thank you, Papa Nicholas!

S. Crupper - Childbirth Blessings
Wyoming, MI

Excellent coffee! My mother absolutely loved the Mother's Day Blend! I've been purchasing this coffee for the past 3 years and all blends and flavors are delicious. I'm looking forward to surprising my mother again this year with a gift delivery of PapaNicholas Premium Coffee for Mother's Day 2015!! Thank You ;-))

Rowdy - .
Avon Park, FL

I really enjoyed your Melange Noir Family Reserve. It was my favorite of your coffees. Now it is gone. It was robust and full bodied. I wish there was some way that it could return.

James - .
Chicago, IL

This is the best coffee around. Tried many others, but cannot compare to PapaNicholas coffees. Love all the flavors, especially French Vanilla.

Karen - .
Lombard, IL

After trying numerous local coffee roasters in the Chicago area, I finally discovered PapaNicholas which I could conveniently get at the local grocery store. The PapaNicholas French Roast became "my coffee". In 2011 I moved to Massachusetts. I tried about every coffee I could find and eliminated them one by one. Green Mountain, Peet's, Dunkin Donuts and several others. Finally and lucky for me, I found out I could mail order PapaNicholas on the internet. I have been enjoying PapaNicholas French Roast here in Massachusetts ever since. Recently, I ordered several of the PapaNicholas roasts: Hawaiian Island, Family Reserve Kona Baru, and Colombian Supremo. While I enjoyed them all, I still prefer the French Roast for it's bold full body flavor. I have told my friends here in Massachusetts about PapaNicholas and you may have more happy customers here in New England in the future. Keep up the good work and let me know if you have any new interesting roasts to try.

Jim - .
Lunenburg, MA

I moved to Michigan in 1999 from Batavia, Illinois. When I lived in Batavia, I bought Papa's Hawaiian Island's Blend on a regular basis. It has been our favorite coffee for the past 20 years! In Michigan, however, I could not find Papa's in the local stores, so every time we returned to Illinois to visit family, we always stopped in at the Jewel Grocery Store to pick up several bags of Papa's, as well as a certain brand of flour that is similarly available in the Chicago area, and not in northwest Michigan [Ceresota]. In the meantime, we finally found a local brand of coffee that is "quaffable". However, as a special treat, I still pick up Papa's every time I can find it, and anytime the kids visit us, they bring some with them. When visits are too few and far between, I can occasionally order by mail, and that is what I did for my husband on his birthday last fall. In my "perfect world", you would expand your area as far north as Traverse City! Thanks for a great cup of coffee!

Jean - .
Onekama, MI

I love Papa's Pumpkin Spice and I just wish it was a year round seller. Thank you.

Patricia - .
Chicago, IL

We have only been using PapaNicholas Coffee for about 6 yrs. A friend of ours shared a bag of French Roast Coffee Beans with us and we started ordering our own after that. It has a smooth, non-bitter taste like no other coffee on the market. When I place an order it is usually delivered to my door within 4 days. I love the coffee and I love the service. Thanks!

Phyllis - .
LaGrange, KY

We love our PapaNicholas coffee. That is the only kind of coffee that we drink. I do miss the promotions that you used to offer. The Special House Blend whole bean coffee is our favorite. I recently placed an order for a number of kinds just to try. Thanks for continuing to provide a wonderful product.

Carolyn - .
Milltown, WI

We have been drinking PapaNicholas coffee for years. We used to get it at the store, but now order online. We really enjoy the smooth flavor of the French Vanilla and Hazelnut Decaf coffee beans. We get the whole bean and they are always fresh.

Sandra - .
Plainfield, IL

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