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How to Properly Store Your Coffee

Keeping Your Beans Fresh

There's nothing better than the aroma that hits your nose when you open a fresh bag of coffee. Yum!
In order to keep your beans smelling and tasting like that first batch, we have a couple tips and tricks we've found keep your beans as fresh as possible by storing them properly.

What kind of container should I be using?

Papa recommends storing your coffee beans in a dry, opaque & airtight container to keep them as fresh as the day they were roasted. Although, they will stay fresh in their resealable bag for about one week and whole bean coffee will last even longer. Just make sure you push out all excess air between uses.

Elements are the Enemy: Oxygen, Light, Heat & Moisture

Oxygen is a staling agent. That's why we nitrogen-flush all of our packages just prior to filling so that no outside atmosphere is present in the bag. This helps ensure that every bag of PapaNicholas Coffee you purchase is as fresh as it gets.

We've always put an emphasis on fresh. For many years our logo featuring Nick was round and simply stated "Freshly Roasted." There must have been some customers who even thought that Freshly Roasted was our company name - and to be honest, we were okay with that! It's what we are still known for today.freshlyroasted3

Oxygen, light, heat & moisture can also contribute to a decrease in freshness. So the bottom line is to store your coffee in a cool, dry place with little or no exposure to oxygen.

Where should my coffee live in my kitchen?

While there are many options on where you should store your coffee, Papa recommends storing your coffee in a cool, dry place such as: a cabinet or pantry and in a sealed/airtight container.  Please do not place coffee in the refrigerator or the freezer. 

But I thought the refrigerator/freezer was a good place?

It's often heard that to keep your coffee fresh your fridge or freezer is the best place to store it. I know that we said, "keep it cool!" The fridge is definitely cool, but it also contains A LOT of moisture that can get into your beans and make them stale. Your coffee can also absorb any strong odors sacrificing flavor.

For ultimate freshness, keep your PapaNicholas Coffee away from oxygen, light, heat and moisture by storing in an air tight container in a cool, dry place absent of sunlight such as a cabinet.

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