How to Grind Your Coffee - the Right Way

The foundational building block for a great cup (besides great beans) is finding the right grind for your brewing method.

All our pre-ground coffees are a medium grind that's perfect for an auto drip brewer. If you are planning on brewing your coffee with a different method, we recommend purchasing whole bean coffee to grind at home. It's the freshest that way anyway!

Step One: Determine your brewing method.

Your brewing method determines how the water interacts with the beans and the key is avoiding over extracting and under extracting. 

Over extraction can happen when the beans are ground too fine for the brewing method. For instance, using a fine espresso grind for a french press will result in a bitter cup of coffee. The beans are in direct contact with the hot water for a long period of time with a mesh filter, so you want a course grind.

Likewise, under extraction can happen when you use too course of a grind for brewing with a conventional auto-brewer or espresso machine. Generally speaking, the faster the brewing method, the finer the grind should be because the water has less time to extract flavor as it filters through the beans.

Step Two: Find the correct grind

For consistency, we recommend a burr grinder, like this one from Baratza. Most burr grinders will have fine through course settings to choose from. If you're using a handheld grinder, time is crucial in achieving the grind you're looking for.

Automatic Drip Brew/Flat Bottom Filters


10 seconds

Cone-shaped Filters


15 seconds

Espresso Machine


15 seconds

French Press


5 seconds

Pour Over


6 seconds


Step Three: Enjoy & Taste the Difference

We can not express enough how important finding the right grind is to enjoying your coffee as it was meant to be. Once you align your grinding method with your brewing method, you'll be rewarded with a smooth, full-bodied cup time and time again.

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Evelynn Taylor June 01, 2022

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